• Two (2) Performance categories including Theatre Games (once per category)
  • One (1) Tech Olympics team (two (2) teams per school)
  • One (1) Design Category (one (1) entry per category per school)

All entries must be reviewed and approved by the high school instructor. Instructors are responsible for the appropriateness of material performed by students in all categories. Profanity is discouraged, nudity is prohibited.

Registration must be entered by an instructor, not a student or parent helper.

Accuracy of entries is critical.  Entries not meeting the rules must be corrected or be disqualified.  Changes at will are not allowed.


02-Musical Theatre 1
03-Contemporary Ensemble-Dramatic 2
04-Contemporary Ensemble-Humorous 2
05-Classical Ensemble-Dramatic or Humorous 3
07-Classical Monologue-Dramatic 3
08-Classical Monologue-Humorous 3
09-Contemporary Monologue-Dramatic 3
10-Contemporary Monologue-Humorous 3
12-Theatre Games 2
20-Tech Olympics 2
21-Lighting Design 1
22-Costume Design 1
23-Graphic Design 1
24-Scenic Design 1
25-Make-up Design 1


Obtaining permission from appropriate publishers to perform copyrighted work is the high school instructors responsibility. Instructors are responsible for any and all payments for performance rights.


Festival Staff will review all entries for adherence to the rules. If a performance selection is not easily recognizable or published by a usual source (i.e., Samuel French, MTI, etc.) proof of publication may be requested. Instructions will be provided at that time on how to submit proof of publication. Failure to provide a requested proof of publication will result in disqualification of the entry.


High school students, instructors, guests, or chaperones may NOT bring prop weapons of any kind onto the Fullerton College campus. Schools may request prop weapons during the registration process. Please provide a description of the weapon (handgun, revolver, rifle, knife, machete, axe, nunchucks, crossbow, sword, foil, bat, etc.) needed per category. Exception: Unique weapons may be brought but must be managed by Festival Weapons Team.  Contact Rhonda St. Romain at to make arrangements. Prop weapons ordered at registration will be delivered to the appropriate competition room by Festival Staff prior to competition round. Prop weapon requests added or changed on Festival days may NOT be accommodated.


Essential handheld props are permitted in all categories except 12-Theatre Games (TG) and 20-Tech Olympics (TO). Open or closed flames and pyrotechnics of any sort are not permitted.


Recorded sound effects are NOT permitted. Live sound effects are allowed.
Recorded music is allowed only in category 02 Musical Theatre.


Fullerton College will provide only the furniture stated in the category rules. Schools MAY bring with them, acting boxes or furniture pieces. Scenery pieces are NOT allowed (walls, doors, windows, etc.). Acting boxes or furniture pieces MUST be removed from campus at the end of each day.


Three (3) minutes are allowed to set-up/strike between each performance.


Timers will be provided in all Performance competition rooms.
Schools are NOT required to provide room monitors.  The Timer will solicit volunteers within the room.


Students scheduled for more than one Performance or Design category in the same hour may request to go first or last in a competition round in order to accommodate schedule conflicts. Please notify the room timer at the beginning of the round.


  • At the beginning of each competition round, the room timer will introduce the judges.
  • The student competing introduces the selection as follows:
    • Festival Entry ID Number (e.g., 246-10-01)
    • Title of Selection
    • Do NOT announce character name or student(s) name
  • After the entrant’s introduction, the room timer signals the student(s) to begin their performance.
  • Time begins with the first action or line.
  • When 15 seconds remain, the room timer signals the student(s) by raising his/her hand. When time has run out, the room timer announces “Time” to stop the performance. Student(s) who fail to stop performing when “Time” is announced will be disqualified.