Competition Room Schedule

The Competition Schedule is being rerun and will be posted March 9th.

Click here to view the Schedule By School

Please print out your schools pages and review it immediately.

Changes are discouraged as they are extremely complicated at this point but preferable to do before ballots are printed next Monday.

Moving entries is only possible if room exists in another room at the desired time slot.  Title changes are subject to approval.  NOTE: Changing a title from the printed title on a ballot/schedule at Festival will result in the entry being disqualified.


Students scheduled for more than one Performance or Design category in the same hour should request to go first in one competition then go to the second before the hour is up. Please notify the room timer at the beginning of the round of the need to perform first.

If you must request a change, please email it to Alex Eastman before Thursday, March 12th.  Each situation will be evaluated and you will be notified as to whether the change can be made or not.

CHANGES WILL NOT BE MADE AT FESTIVAL unless emergent in nature (like a bus being an hour late).

If a change cannot be accommodated, students may perform for Evaluation only and receive feedback from the judges, but they will not be ranked for competition.

At the beginning of each competition round, the timer will write entry numbers on the board.

The student competing introduces the selection as follows:

Festival Entry ID Number (e.g., 246-11-0112)

Title of Selection

After the entrant’s introduction, the room timer signals the student(s) to begin their performance.

Time begins with the first action or line.

When 15 seconds remain, the room timer signals the student(s) by raising his/her hand. When time has run out, the room timer announces “Time” to stop the performance. Student(s) who fail to stop performing when “Time” is announced may be disqualified.