How to Register

15331. Complete the Application to receive a user name and password.   All teachers must APPLY every year.  Previous user names and passwords are not valid.

2. Enter your Festival username/login and password into the appropriate fields on the Festival website.

3. Select ‘Submit Festival Entry’ from the main menu to begin registering students into Performance and Design categories. Proof read entries by selecting ‘Review Festival Entries’.  Click here for additional instructions on How to Check Entries for Compliance

4. When entering student participants into multiple categories be accurate and consistent with the spelling of the entrants name. Use the same spelling for each category.   For example, if a name is input as Douglas Smith do not enter a second entry using a variation such as Doug Smith.  The system will consider these two different people charging twice for the same person.  Over payments will not be credited or refunded.

5.  Prior to the close of registration  you may make changes to entries at  the ‘Review Festival Entries’ page.  Accuracy of entries is critical.  Notification of entries not meeting the rules will be e-mailed  and  corrections must be returned by e-mail  or be subject to disqualification.  Corrections are subject to the approval of Festival staff.  Corrections requested after the deadline cannot be guaranteed.   

6.  If possible and time allows, changes requested the day of Festival MAY be accommodated but are not promised.
Please see Alex Eastman in the Theatre Arts office between 12:30pm and 2pm on Friday to make a request for a change.  CHANGES ARE NOT GUARANTEED AND ARE ACCEPTED AT THE DISCRETION OF FESTIVAL STAFF.

Please do everything possible to minimize requests for changes.

  • Be sure your students do not have other plans that conflict with competition (SAT’s, Doctor appointments, etc.).
  • Help your students prepare the piece registered so title changes are not needed.
  • Proof your registration carefully to be sure every student is included and titles are correct.

If a change cannot be accommodated, students may perform for Evaluation only and receive feedback from the judges, but they will not be ranked for competition.