Judges Guidelines

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All performance categories will have two preliminary rounds and one final round.

  1. Round 1 is held on Friday afternoon (2p-6:30p) and Round 2 is held on Saturday morning (9a-1:30p).
  2. The Final Round is held on Saturday afternoon (3:30p-5:00p). The results from rounds 1 & 2 will determine the participants in the final round.
  3. The same selections will be performed in all three rounds. Performance categories include:
    1. 02- Musical Theatre (MT)
    2. 03-Contemporary Ensemble Dramatic (CED)
    3. 04-Contemporary Ensemble Humorous (CEH)
    4. 05-Classical Ensemble-Dramatic or Humorous (CLE)
    5. 07-Classical Monologue Dramatic (CLMD)
    6. 08-Classical Monologue Humorous (CLMH)
    7. 09-Contemporary Monologue Dramatic (CMD)
    8. 10-Contemporary Monologue Humorous (CMH)


  1. Be supportive and constructive when filling out your evaluation forms.
  2. Put aside any knowledge of the entrants background (school represented, other work seen, who the entrant has studied with, etc.) and judge the quality of this performance only.
  3. Entries have been pre-screened in order to ascertain that they are in the correct category. Please do not judge or rank a piece negatively if you think it is in the wrong category.
  4. Please keep an open mind concerning differences in styles used by the entrants. Evaluate the piece in terms of the style chosen by the entrant.
  5. Do not evaluate entries according to the entire play. Do not compare the entry to the scene within the context of the play or other interpretations of the scene.
  6. Put aside any biases or convictions you may have concerning a particular character or play and judge the entry presented.
  7. Costumes and make-up are permitted but not required. Do not favor or give weight to performers in costume/make-up.
  8. High school instructors are responsible for the appropriateness of material performed by students in all categories. Profanity is discouraged, nudity is prohibited.
  9. Do not critique the material selected, only the performance itself.

Evaluation forms will be distributed to judges by the timer assigned to each room.

  1. Judges will need to fill in the school and entry numbers on top of the evaluation form. School and entry numbers will be available from the timer assigned to each particular room.
  2. Please keep any written comments, that you provide, as constructive as possible. Do not write any personal descriptions of the entrants on the evaluation forms.
  3. Remember that the student entrant and the High School instructor will receive the completed evaluation form. Students often will take their evaluation forms home to their parents!
  4. Judges must sign and turn in all completed evaluation forms to the timer.
  5. Please fill out the evaluation form quickly so that the schedule of the rounds may be maintained.


  1. Pre-printed ballots are distributed to the judges by the timer assigned to each particular room. The pre-printed ballot will contain the correct entry and school numbers as well as a place for judges to rank the entrants.
  2. Every entry must be ranked; there must be one 1st place winner, one 2nd place winner, one 3rd place winner, one 4th place winner, one 5th  place winner and so on, through 10th place (if there are that many entries competing).
  3. Judges must complete, and sign the ballots at the end of each one (1) hour session and turn in the completed and signed ballots as well as the evaluations to the timer.