21-Lighting Design (LD) Requirements


The Lighting Design entry must include the following items, assembled on a maximum of two (2) display boards (each board no larger than 26” x 40”):

  1. Light Plot
    A Light Plot (¼” or ½” scale) using standard symbols and references. The Light Plot must contain a title block and a key to symbols. Title block must contain:
  2. Title of the drawing (Light Plot)
  3. Name of the production
  4. Name of the student designer
  5. Name of the theater
  6. Name of the high school
  7. Opening date of the production
  8. Scale of the light plot (e.g., ¼”=1’0”)

Students should specify if their Lighting Design is for a virtual or live theatrical production.

It is acceptable to submit hand drafted or Vectorworks light plots.

A light plot may be reduced by photo copying to fit on the 26” x 40” display board.

  1. Channel Hook Up(mounted to the display board)
    A channel hook up must include: channel number, dimmer or circuit number, location, unit number, type and wattage of instrument, focus or purpose, color and template.

It is acceptable to use any version of Light Write or Excel.

  1. Design Concept(mounted to the display board)
    A Lighting Design Concept paper using the following parameters:

A typewritten or word processed paper that describes how and why lighting choices were made and how those choices related to the production and the overall concept of the production.

The paper must be at least :

  1. One (1) page in length
  2. Double spaced
  3. 1” margins, top/bottom/sides
  4. Photographs(mounted to the display board)
    A maximum of five (5) photographs, no larger than 5” x 7”, that demonstrate and showcase the lighting design as well as supporting the concept of the lighting design.
  5. Color Swatches(mounted to the display board)
  6. Presentation
    The student designer must deliver a presentation, either oral or PowerPoint, of their lighting design entry that effectively presents and represents their design. Oral presentations have a time limit of five (5) minutes.

Be prepared to answer questions from the adjudicator regarding the presentation.