22-Costume Design (CD) Requirements

1 – Costume Sketches
Three (3) Costume Sketches from one (1) production, each representing a different character. Each costume sketch must be in color (any medium) and be mounted separately using an 8 1/2″ x 14″ format.

Fabric and trim swatches attached to the front of each costume sketch.

Costume sketches must be original designs (no rented costumes or purchased clothing).

Points will be awarded based on neatness, clarity of the design elements, continuity between sketches, and complete labeling and identification of materials.

2.  Design Concept
A typewritten design concept paper in a Design Concept folder (with entry tag) and should contain the following elements:

    • Justification of your choices for each character in regard to time, era, style, fabric, and color.
    • Explanation of how your choices revealed each character.
    • Points will be awarded based on creativity, balance in color, use of texture, harmony, and the overall visual aspect of each costume, as well as how your design(s) supported the mood and structure of the play.

3.  Presentation
The student designer must deliver a presentation, either oral or via PowerPoint, of their Costume Design entry (three(3) Costume Sketches).

Points will be awarded based on the student designer’s ability to describe all designs presented and their artistic choices. The student designer should be clear, concise, and confident in order to deliver an effective oral presentation.