22-Costume Design (CD) Requirements

1. Costume Sketches

Three (3) costume sketches from one (1) production, each representing a different character. Each costume sketch must be in color (any medium) and assembled in one file in an email sent to aeastman@fullcoll.edu:

  1. Sketches can be of built, pulled, or purchased costumes. Pictures of fabric and/or trim swatches can accompany sketches of only built costumes.
  2. If possible, the three (3) costume sketches should be accompanied by production photographs of the three (3) costumes during a dress rehearsal or performance. (Photographs can feature other costumes from the production within the frame of the photograph, they do not need to be of each costume on its own.) Photographs must be in color.

*Points will be awarded based on neatness, and creativity and clarity of design elements (color, texture, and scale).

 2. Color Palette and Costume Research

At least one (1) research image must accompany each of the three (3) costume sketches. These research images should reflect the designer’s inspiration for each character, and what led them to their specific design choices. (Example: period fashion plates/illustrations and/or photographs specific to the production’s chosen time period and/or setting) These research images must be at least 5” x 7” in size, larger size will be accepted as well.

*Points will be awarded on the student designer’s ability to show how their research led to their costume choices, and how they incorporated the time period and/or unique setting of the play or musical into the costumes using their research.

3. Design Concept

Presentation must include a visual representation of the costume color palette chosen by the designer; paint swatch cards or image(s) reflecting overall costume color palette and/or individual characters’ color choices.

*Points will be awarded on how well the student designer’s color choices support the characters, theme, and mood of the play or musical.

All required design materials must be submitted by 11:59pm on March 5th, 2021. All materials should be submitted to theatrefestival@fullcoll.edu and include the school name, school number, entry number, category and show name in the email subject line.

  • All entries must be submitted with an attached Release of Liability Form. Entries will not be judged without a release attached to each entry. (Form will be emailed to teachers)