25-Makeup Design (MD) Requirements

The Makeup Design entry must include the following items:

1.  Makeup Sketches
Three (3) Makeup Sketches from one (1) production, each representing a different character.

Each sketch must be in color. Any medium will be accepted.

The entry must have a picture of each actor used wearing the completed makeup included on the presentation board. A ‘before’ picture of the actor can also be included in addition to the completed makeup design photo.

Makeup sketches must be the student designer’s original design. Sketches copied from books or any other medium are not allowed.

Points will be awarded based on neatness, clarity of the design elements, continuity between sketches, and complete labeling and identification of materials.

2.  Design Concept
A typewritten design concept paper describing why specific choices were made related to color, style, time period (if appropriate), texture and products used.

Points will be awarded based on clarity of choices and how they support the play.

All required design materials must be submitted by 11:59pm on March 5th, 2021. Please refer to the Video Guidelines page for details.

  • All entries must be submitted with an attached Release of Liability Form. Entries will not be judged without a release attached to each entry. (Form will be emailed to teachers)