02-Musical Theatre (MT) Category

Maximum Entries Per School: 1 solo or ensemble
Maximum Time Limit: 5 minutes
Cast Size: Any (solo or ensemble)
Furniture Provided: 1 chair


  1. Entry must be published and performance rights available for your high school.
  2. Must be one continuous scene.  Cutting and pasting  from different scenes is not permitted.  Select a five minute section of show.
  3. Musical accompaniment to be provided by each school must contain instrumental music  ONLY.
  4. Each school must provide a portable electronic device (iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.) to play back a digital audio file of musical accompaniment.  Device must have a headphone jack.
    a. Fullerton College will provide a speaker system and cable to connect to the device.
    b. Thirty seconds will be allowed for a sound check.
    c.  High schools must provide an operator of the device in each round.  Festival staff are not responsible for device failures.
  5. A cappella performances and lip-syncing are NOT permitted.