12-Theatre Games (TG)

Entries Per School: 2 teams
Maximum Time Limit: 4-5 minutes per event
Cast Size: 5 members per team
Furniture, scenery, and props will be provided by Festival staff.


  1. If a school enters two (2) teams for competition, there cannot be substitution of students or students moving from one team to the other during rounds.
  2. Each team should be prepared to perform one (1) game chosen from a random drawing the day of the event from the following list: New Choice, Emotional Party, Forward/Reverse, Genre Replay, Blind Pocket Lines, Super-Heroes (judges will assign names for each Super-Hero in this game).
  3. Games played in round two will be different from the games chosen in round one.
  4. Students should wear loose comfortable clothing and footwear to allow ease of movement. Bare feet and costumes are not permitted.

For information on individual Theatre Games including how each Theatre Game is played, number of players, and tips and comments, please access the following link.


 Theatre Games teams are judged on how effectively students build characters, create plot twists, and reach beyond the suggested story. This can be done through adding information: speech, space work, change of stage picture, emotional adjustments, listening, never denying.

When competition rounds are completed for both days, teams are ranked. Teams scoring the highest overall number of points are awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies at the Awards Ceremony.