• Two (2) Performance categories (once per category)
  • One (1) Design Category (one (1) entry per category per school)

All entries must be reviewed and approved by the high school instructor. Instructors are responsible for the appropriateness of material performed by students in all categories. Profanity is discouraged, nudity is prohibited.

Registration must be entered by an instructor, not a student or parent helper.

Accuracy of entries is critical.  Entries not meeting the rules must be corrected or be disqualified.  Changes at will are not allowed.


02-Musical Theatre 1
03-Contemporary Ensemble-Dramatic 2
04-Contemporary Ensemble-Humorous 2
05-Classical Ensemble-Dramatic or Humorous 3
07-Classical Monologue-Dramatic 3
08-Classical Monologue-Humorous 3
09-Contemporary Monologue-Dramatic 3
10-Contemporary Monologue-Humorous 3
21-Lighting Design 1
22-Costume Design 1
23-Graphic Design 1
24-Scenic Design 1
25-Make-up Design 1


Obtaining permission from appropriate publishers to perform copyrighted work is the high school instructors responsibility. Instructors are responsible for any and all payments for performance rights.


Festival Staff will review all entries for adherence to the rules. If a performance selection is not easily recognizable or published by a usual source (i.e., Samuel French, MTI, etc.) proof of publication may be requested. Instructions will be provided at that time on how to submit proof of publication. Failure to provide a requested proof of publication will result in disqualification of the entry.


All performances must be recorded and submitted by 11:59pm on March 5th, 2021. All submitted videos should be sent to and include the school name, school number, entry number, category, and show name in the email subject line. Please check out the Video Guidelines for more information.

  • All entries must be submitted with an attached Release of Liability Form. Entries will not be judged without a release attached to each entry. (Form will be emailed to teachers)


Essential handheld props are permitted in all categories. Open or closed flames and pyrotechnics of any sort are not permitted.


Recorded sound effects are NOT permitted. Live sound effects are allowed.
Recorded music is allowed only in category 02 Musical Theatre.


Students participating in competition rounds are encouraged to dress in appropriate Festival attire.  Costumes are permitted but not required or considered in scoring.

Please consider the following clothing guidelines when preparing your students for Festival:
Casual trousers/slacks
Polo shirts
Button up shirts
Solid colors preferable
Appropriate costumes


Performances are not to exceed the allotted time per category. Monologue performances are not to exceed 3 minutes,  from the first line or action to the last line or action. Ensemble performances are not to exceed 5 minutes,  from the first line or action to the last line or action. Musical Theatre performances are not to exceed 5 minutes, from first action or note to the last action or note. Editing of videos for timing of performance will not be permitted.