Video Guidelines

Submitting Videos

    • All performance videos should be submitted by 11:59pm on Saturday. March 19th.
    • Videos may be sent in starting March 14th.
    • Only one video may be submitted per approved piece.
    • All entries must be submitted with an attached Release of Liability Form. Entries will not be judged without a release attached to each entry. (Form will be emailed to teachers)

Taping Requirements

  • Monologues:
    • Single Shot (medium to tight framing on the face/upper torso) Place the camera at eye level to help you achieve this framing.
    • No edits within the performance.
    • Sound and visual effects can be added, but will not be considered in the assessment. The student performance should not be edited
  • Scenes:
    • Two Shot: Chest up to the top of the head so we can see both actors clearly. You may also choose to shoot in zoom format with both actors seen fully on screen the whole time.
    • No edits within the performances; all scenes should be one take. If you choose to shoot in one take with 3 cameras and cut between, that is an option as long as the integrity of the scene is not adjusted.
    • Sound and visual effects can be added but will not be considered in the assessment. The student performance should not be edited.
  • Musical Theatre:
    • Videos should be filmed in widescreen format with a 3/4 shot (the top of the head to the knees should be visible in the frame). You are permitted to pan out to show movement or action.
    • You are permitted to record the singing with the music track separately and then edit it into the performance. You are also permitted to add the music track to the performance. No editing of the singing is permitted.
    • You may also record the singing directly with the performance video while playing the music track live.
    • Ensemble entries should be filmed as if performing live at the festival.

The student competing MUST introduce their selection as follows before performing their chosen material: 

    • Festival Entry ID Number (e.g., 246-10-01) 
    • Title of Selection 
  • Do NOT begin performing and work the slate into the performance. 
  • Time begins with the first action or line. 
  • All performances must have a slate that includes your name, the title/show, school code, and entry number. There should NOT be a separate “slate video”, rather slates are to appear at the beginning of your piece.
  • You may record multiple times so that you have more options from which to select than if you performed live.
  • Sound effects, visual effects, editing of MT videos with regards to music, composition, framing, lighting, costumes, props, etc. will not be considered in the assessment. The focus of the judges will be the performance.
  • Performances will be timed from the start of the first line or action until the last line or action.

Design Entries

Design Entries should submit a PowerPoint presentation of design work. Video submissions are accepted, but not required for design categories.

Please refer to the instructions for submitting entries.

Please Click Below for Instructions on Submitting Entries

Submitting High School Theatre Festival Entries

Entries must be submitted correctly or may be disqualified!