What’s New for HSTF 2020?

Evaluation forms for all design Categories have changed.

We are in the process of updating and changing evaluation forms for all design categories. Please check back for a link to the new forms.

The rules for the Costume Design Category have changed.

Please review the rules and requirements for category 22-Costume Design (CD)

The schedule will include a thirty (30) minute break between the second and third hour of competition on each day. 

Please carefully review the Schedule of Events section of the website.

Special performance ticket allocation for chaperones will allow one (1) ticket per 10 registered students (rounding up at 5) if more than thirty (30) students are registered.


30 or fewer registered students = 3 chaperone tickets

46 registered students = 5 chaperone tickets

64 registered students = 6 chaperone tickets

Tickets may be requested as soon as your application has been approved and PRIOR to registering entries.  You will be notified of confirmed tickets and payment deadlines.

Awards are changing.

Awards will be presented for 4th and 5th place entries in performance categories 02-20. 

Awards for 1st-3rd place for Tech Olympics individual events will be presented right before performance finalists are announced at 2:30 pm on Saturday March 21st in the quad.