-general information


  • Any or all student participants may be disqualified at any time for rules violations, unsportsmanlike conduct, and/or discourteous behavior to Festival staff, high school instructors, students, parents or chaperones from visiting schools.
  • Students with special needs will be accommodated with advance notice from registered festival instructor. 
  • Students participating in competition rounds are encouraged to dress in appropriate Festival attire.  Shoes must be worn at all times, NO BARE FEET. Please consider the following clothing guidelines when preparing your students for Festival:
    Casual trousers/slacks
    Polo shirts
    Button up shirts
    Solid colors preferable
    Appropriate costumes

**Fullerton College Theatre Arts stands with our students and faculty of the Global Majority. We are actively working to be anti-racist and inclusive, with a conscious effort to acknowledge and understand our student population regarding ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexuality, and disability. We aim to create a safe and equitable space for our students to grow as artists; we will be taking increasing care with the presented material. We urge all teachers to check that the material chosen for their students is appropriate and in line with the intent of the playwright(s).