Judge Registration

Thank you for your interest in Judging the Fullerton College High School Theatre Festival.

On the next page you will be asked a series of questions regarding your contact information, category interest, and general availability.  Please read below for some hints about how to fill-out this information.

  • Please use your legal name since much of this data is used for payroll purposes
  • Make sure to verify your mailing address since paperwork will be sent through US mail
  • If anything changes with your availability please contact us ASAP
  • Category selection
    • We will try to put you in the categories of your choice, but please give us options
    • New “Other-Vetted” category is only for judges who have successfully completed the vetting process for this year. To sign up for this category you must already be on a vetter’s master list. For information on becoming a vetted judge please scroll down.


Why are we vetting some categories?

In an effort to ensure the best possible judge’s for specific categories (Musical Theatre, Tech Olympics, Theatre Games) we vet judges.  Tech Olympics and Theatre Games have been vetted for years, this year Musical Theatre has been officially added to the list.

If you would like to be vetted, contact:



Email to Contact

Musical Theatre

Timothy Espinosa


Tech Olympics

Jim Book


Theatre Games

Candice Clasby